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"I can’t do it anymore!" - ( Thenobleginger )



"C’mon, yes you can," he assured her.  "I believe in you."  And that was a lot, coming from an imaginary friend.


Frowning, Fred sat down next to her, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, “You can. Don’t give up.”

Donna let out a sigh and rested her head on Freds shoulder “I don’t know how much longer I can.”

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"Well, I think they have to physically touch it for it to work," the Doctor stated, "I’m not sure how to get that.  I suppose we could try throwing it at them, but they might just dodge it."

Donna rolled her eyes “I was being sarcastic” she replied. Frowning a bit she shook her head “but I guess that’s all we can do, if it’s all we can think of.”




Donna sat in the room, pulling against her restraints slightly. A sound from somewhere behind her caught her attention, she let out a soft muffled sound in responce, both thankful, and fearful that she wasn’t alone.

The Doctor looked over at her and tried to communicate.  Since there were two of them, surely one of them should be able to until the other, but he still wasn’t sure who captured them, or when they’d return.  ”Mppff,” is all that could come out of his mouth as he struggled with the bindings.

Donna watched him, furrowing her eyebrows a bit. She didn’t understnad what he meant. “Mmpfs?” Her arms moved a bit, rising her shoulders up and down slightly. 

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The Doctor stepped out of he TARDIS while putting on his favorite cricketer hat.  Looking about at the scenery surrounding him, the Doctor inferred that he had landed in the 21st century, London, it appeared.  With a grin on his face, the Doctor stepped out to explore.  His mind on other things, the Doctor then accidently bumped into a pedestrian on the street.

"Pardon me," he apologized to the ginger haired woman.

Donna walked down the streets, cursing to herself. She was going to miss the buss. She’d left the house late, due to waking up late. Now she was in a rush. With a slight thumping sound she bumbled into someone and stumbled back.

"Whats where you’re headed" she scolded, over top of his words. Her expression shifted as she shook her head "should have been more careful" she said.

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"I suppose it does," the Doctor told her, "One of my many talents.  Now, how are we going to get all this gold out of here?"

Donna frowned “how the hell should I know” she asked. “We could just lure them in to here, some how? Unless we’re suoised to throw it at them.”




The man nods, “Oh yeah. She’s grown up a lot…” His eyes couldn’t help but sparkle with pride. She wasn’t a blood-relative, but he still thought of her like a daughter he never had.

"There’s.. no way anyone could’a been ready. Hell, less y’ were one’a th’ nutjobs who believed in th world endin’ back then." His expression did dim a tiny bit after he said that. “Guess they weren’t all tha’ crazy.”

Donna let out a soft chuckle “I worked with a guy, back in England who believe it would end like this.  I think it’s cooped up in his basement right now, or that was his plan at least, said he had food down there to last years.” 

Her expression dropped slightly, she wondered how her mother and granddad were doing, if they were even still alive. 

» Ipswich Windows



"Oh maybe you can help me, then, can you tell me what bus number it is?  I was looking for a bus that would get me close to a company called H.C. Clements.  Would the one you’re waiting on, get me close?"

"Just your luck" Donna said "that’s where I’m going right now. I’m the secretary.. well, temporarily." She gave her smile "the bus stops not far from here, just follow me and I’ll get you there."



"Or we fear it… we fear what we don’t understand. It is one of the main reasons I want to understand everything, not fear… fire like a caveman or  darkness like a child. Understanding the world makes us brave."

Donna raised an eyebrow “I like the way you thing” she said with a small nod. It was harder to fear the unknown after she’d seen so much, but there was still so much out there to learn. 

» Ipswich Windows



"Pleasure," She said with a smile then glanced around curiously.  "You seemed in a rush as you were chatting, am I keeping you from something?"

"Just trying to catch the buss. It’s almost a 30 minute ride into the city where I’m working" she told her "I have longer than that to get there, just like to be a bit earlier than needed, you know?" She wanted to get there and have a coffee with her fiance, Lance, before the day started.