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cynthias-heart-and-mind: "Well, look who's here."



Donna furrowed her brow slightly “is that supposed to mean something” she asked.

"Oh don’t take the wrong way…" Cynthia said to her ," I’m actually glad to see you…even if my face isn’t showing much excitement. …".

"I’d have been here sooner if the damn fax machine didn’t break today" Donna explained "but at least I made it to the Halloween party." She was more than relieved she was able to get away from work, and head straight to this. It gave her a better excuse not to have a costume.

cynthias-heart-and-mind: "Well, look who's here."

Donna furrowed her brow slightly “is that supposed to mean something” she asked.

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Kenny grimaced at what she said, but he knew that was the only way to test to see if there were solutions. “Fuck…” He scratched at his head for a moment, finding that to be really dark. He wasn’t sure himself if he’d be willing to take that risk. “Tha’ has t’ be th’ only way t’ find out… even if it ain’t pretty.”

He tried to stop thinking about it, and was glad to get away from the topic when the other said her name. “‘ey, Donna. ‘m Kenny,” he nodded to her. “S’ always nice t’ find people that aren’t nut-jobs out here.”

She frowned slightly, wondering just how long it would take to find a cure, how meany people would die in the process, and how meany would die before. Death was all around them, no matter how they tried to escape it would still find them.  Donna closed her eyed, and let out a long breath, trying to forget about that she just said.

"Yeah it is" she agreed, nodding slightly "it’s nice to meet people who aren’t anywhere." She gave Kenny a small smile "it’s nice too meet you" she added. It had been hell since she arrived here with the Doctor, or John as he went by. 




Clara had decided to get both her and the Doctor some coffee while he waited. He was on the way to take her back home, not like she had much to do when she got back. 

She was glad the woman didn’t bump into her, or the two coffees would have spilled over both of them. “No not your fault, I should be sorry.” She looked at the woman with a smile. “I’m Clara, Clara Oswald.”

"I’m Donna Temple-Noble. Temple isn’t a middle name, hyphenated last name." She looked down to the cups in Claras hand and gave a small nod "I’d shake hands, but looks like yours are full."

Gently, someone bumped into Donna from behind. ”This place is so bloody crowed” Donna scoffed looking around “what the hell do you think’s going on here? It can’t be anything important, or we would have heard about it or something, yeah?”

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"They are coming," the Doctor told her, "Perhaps we can attempt to be live bait.  Go find them, then run back this way."

"Why do I have to be the bait" Donna asked, frowning at ‘John.’ She turned her head to the direction she heart the sound coming from, and back to him "just stay here then" she muttered, quickly dashing off to find them.


Donna stood in line at the coffee shop. She’s just finished work and needed something to wake her up before she got home. Work had been draining for her today, and dragged out forever. She ran her fingers down the brim of her nose as she let out a long sigh.

She ordered her coffee, the usual. Two cream, two sugar. None of that fancy mocha stuff. “Yeah, thanks” she said to the person behind the till. Taking the beverage in her hand, Donna turned to find a table to sit and enjoy her drink. She stopped just in time to not bump into another person. “Sorry” she said as stopped.